Global Scientists and Engineers Course (GSEC) -Skills to be developed

The Global Scientists and Engineers Course (GSEC) provides a systematic curriculum that enables bachelor’s and master’s degree students to develop the necessary competencies to excel in the global arena. Through a step-by-step approach, students will be able to gain the following global competencies; (a) a global mindset, (b) practical skills to work in a global environment, and (c) skills necessary for international collaboration. GSEC aims to foster scientists and engineers to thrive in a global society and have the expertise to contribute innovative solutions to unknown global issues. Through GSEC, it is hoped that students will develop an identity based on their field of expertise, knowledge, and technical skills as well as a global mindset to respect ethical values and diversity.
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GSEC aims to provide education, including study abroad programs, that enables students to develop the following:

Leadership training and international liberal Arts

To broadly understand the connections between society and one’s area of specialization and have knowledge of the relevant ethics, history and culture, and I the ability to use this understanding during cross-cultural communication.

Global leadership

The ability to clearly articulate one’s own concrete goals to others of a different culture, propose various ideas without fearing risks, recruit supporters, and achieve things.

Skills to introduce new ideas and values

The ability to begin new activities based on new ideas without being constrained by conventional thinking.

Basic skills to conduct international research

The ability to conduct research and propose ideas in collaboration with experts in Japan and abroad who work outside of one’s area of specialization.