【グローバルリーダーシップ実践】6月13・16・20・23・27・30日 集中講義


    【グローバルリーダーシップ実践 集中講義(Global Leadership Practice)】を、対面とオンライン形式で、6月13(火)・16(金)・20(火)・23(金)・27(火)・30日(金) に開講します。

    In this 2nd Quarter, “Global Leadership Practice (both online and face to face Intensive Course in English)” will be held on June 13(Tue)・ 16(Fri)・20(Tue)・23(Fri)・27(Tue)・30(Fri), 2023.



    This course is organized in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology. Students will actively participate in experiential learning activities related to self-evaluation, case studies, organization observation and analysis, and a final team project.


    東工大留学生TAのサポートにより、多国籍の学生とのチームワークについても学びます。※過去の講義の様子はこちら (対面)

    Through the interaction with participants from various countries, you will learn team collaboration with students from various countries. Three TAs are available to support you. *Past lecture archive

    科目名/Lecture Title

    グローバルリーダーシップ実践  Global Leadership Practice 

    科目コード / Course number: LAW.X425)


    “Global Leadership Practice” is offered as one course in the category of “Leadership training and International Liberal Arts” in the Global Scientists and Engineers Course-Advanced.
    Advanced course students must attain 1 credit from this category in order to complete course requirements


    講義日程/Course schedule

    6/13 (Tue) (8:00-9:40 am 10:00-11:40 am): online

    6/16 (Fri) (8:00-9:40 am 10:00-11:40 am): online

    6/20 (Tue) (10:45-12:25 am 13:45 am-15:25 pm): in class

    6/23 (Fri) (10:45-12:25 am 13:45 am-15:25 pm): in class

    6/27 (Tue) Group meeting (30min-one hour each during 10:45-12:25 am, 13:45 am-15:25 pm)

    6/30 (Fri) (10:45-12:25 am ): in class

    ⋆Orientation 5/23 (Tue) (8:00-9:40 am): online



    履修申告方法/Course registration 5/17(水)までに、教務Webシステムより履修申告を行ってください。

    Please make “Course Registration” through Web-System for Students and Faculty by Friday, 17th of May.

    講師の紹介/Introduction of instructors

    – Instructor –

    Stacey Doremus
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, the Program Director for Leadership Education and Development Programs (LEAD) and Systems)

    Stacey Doremus is the Assistant Director for Leadership Education and Development Programs (LEAD) and Systems at Georgia Institute of Technology. She works collaboratively with students, faculty and staff, as well as other universities to support the development and enrichment of student leadership skills through LEAD’s program initiatives. She also assists with organizing the workshop for Tokyo Tech’s Global Leadership Training Program at Georgia Tech. Prior to pursuing her passion for encouraging student leadership growth and development, Stacey held a variety of positions within the corporate world focusing on marketing and innovative product design and development. She currently has a professional affiliation with the International Leadership Association.

    – TA –

    Mourin (Mo) Jarin
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 3rd Year PhD Student In Environmental Engineering)

    Mo is Bengali-American third culture kid originally born in Japan and grew up in Ithaca, NY. Mo completed her Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at the University at Buffalo (Go Bills!) before moving down to Atlanta for their PhD. Mo is also the Entrepreneurial Lead for her lab’s start up efforts developing innovative and chlorine-free water disinfection and desalination technologies. Mo has participated in VentureLab Female Founders at Georgia Tech, received the Zeitlin Entrepreneurial Impact Prize, won the CRIDC Innovation Competition, and received the NSF I-Corps Award. Mo continues to motivate students to explore entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech knowing it isn’t always about the publications, but also the potential application of institutional research. Outside the lab, Mo’s favorite things are fried chicken and boba!

    – Guest Speaker –

    Minh Nguyen
    (Google Japan, Marketing Research Manager/ TokyoTech Alumni)

    Minh Nguyen received his Bachelor of Engineering from National Defense Academy, Japan, with Undergraduate Student Honor Award, Honor Foreign Student Honor Award.
    He completed his Ph.D. of Computer Science, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology and received 100% scholarship from Japanese Government.

    After graduation, he joined Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, Integrated Data Strategy Center. He served many national clients on ads effectiveness research, mix marketing modelling, digital strategy consulting.
    Previously, he worked for Facebook and helped client’s business grow by transforming marketing practices, grounded in data and science.
    He has currently joined Google Japan as a Marketing Research Manager, and is developing a solution for advertising effectiveness measurement in the marketing spectrum.