異文化協働とリーダーシップ Multicultural Collaboration and Leadership【上級 対象科目】



“Multicultural Collaboration and Leadership” will be offered in September as one course category of “Leadership training and International Liberal Arts”, Global Scientists and Engineers Course-Advanced.
Advanced course students must attain 1 credit from this category in order to complete course requirements.

◆科目名/Lecture Title

異文化協働とリーダーシップ Multicultural Collaboration and Leadership

(科目コード / Course number: LAW.X429)


◆講義概要/Course description


This course is organized by Tokyo Tech Almni who works at Google Japan. The goal of this course is to develop mindset and skillset for students to work in multi-cultural global environment. The course includes, but not limited to, lectures, self-evaluation practices, trainings, case studies.


◆講義日程/Course schedule

9/23 (Wed) 10:45-12:25 + 13:30-15:10 @ S322 S222
9/24 (Thur) 10:45-12:25 + 13:30-15:10 @ S322 S222
9/25 (Fri) 10:45-12:25 + 13:30-15:10 @ S322 S222
9/28 (Mon) 10:45-12:25 + 13:30-15:10 @ S322 S222





◆履修申告方法/Course registration


Please make “Course Regstration” through Web-System for Students and Faculty during 2Q Registration Period . After the period, please make “Course Addition.


◆講師の紹介/Introduction of instructors

– Instructor –

Minh Nguyen
(Google Japan, Marketing Research Manager/ TokyoTech Alumni))

Minh Nguyen received his Bachelor of Engineering from National Defense Academy, Japan, with Undergraduate Student Honor Award, Foreign Student Honor Award. He completed his Ph.D. of Computer Science, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology and received 100% scholarship from Japanese Government. After graduation, he joined Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, Integrated Data Strategy Center. He served many national clients on ads effectiveness research, mix marketing modelling, digital strategy consulting. Previously, he worked for Facebook and helped client’s business grow by transforming marketing practices, grounded in data and science. He currently works for Google Japan as a Marketing Research Manager, and is developing solutions for advertising effectiveness measurement in the marketing spectrum.


昨年度の授業の様子 Class Photo of AY2019