【上級・1月集中講義】物語のあるものつくりB/ Technology and Product in Context B



    In order to fulfill completion requirement for GSEC Advanced course, It is required to attain 1 credit from courses listed on “Global Leadership International Liberal Arts” category.
    In January 2019, “Technology and Product in Context B (Intensive Course)” will be held on the following schedule.

    ●科目名/Lecture Title
    「物語のあるものつくりB」”Technology and Product in Context B”

    ●科目コード/Course number: LAW.X423

    ●単位数/Credit: 1

    ●講義概要/Course description:
      Dr. Betti Marenko from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London will conduct the course in English.

    ●使用言語/Language: English (必要に応じ適宜サポートあり)

    ●講義担当/Instructors: Betti Marenko、Kayoko Nohara

    ●日程/Course schedule: 
     16:50 – 19:50

    ●講義場所/Venue: Ookayama Workshop Room (South 5, 4F・407A)

    ●シラバス/Syllabus: OCW(日本語English

    ●履修申告方法/Course registration:
     上記期限を過ぎる場合は、担当教職員(Prof.Kayoko Nohara  CC:Megumi Hiraki )までメールにて連絡の上、追加申告許可願を出力し提出してください。

     Please make “Course Addition” through Web-System for Students and Faculty by 12th December.
     After the date above, please email to  Prof.Kayoko Nohara  CC:Megumi Hiraki