【上級・7月集中講義】物語のあるものつくり A / Technology and Product in Context A



    In order to fulfill completion requirement for GSEC Advanced course, It is required to attain 1 credit from courses listed on “Global Leadership International Liberal Arts” Category.
    In July, “Technology and Product in Context A (Intensive Course)” will be held on following schedule.

    科目名/Lecture Title

    「物語のあるものつくりA」Technology and Product in Context A

    ●科目コード/Course number: LAW.X423

    単位数/Credit: 1

    講義概要/Course description


    Ulrike Oberlack and Heather Barnett from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London will conduct the hackathon. Students, artists/designers, and scientists/technologists will work together to expand existing ideas, hack materials and build prototypes.

    ※使用言語/Language ・・・English (必要に応じ適宜サポートあり)

    講義日程/Course schedule

    ●July 21 (Sat) : 10:00–12:00  Venue: Ookayama  Workshop Room  (South 5, 4F・407A)

    ●July 24 (Tue)–July 27 (Fri): 18:30 – 20:30  Venue: Ookayama  Design Factory (Ishikawadai 5, 3F)

       ※Only July 25 (Web):18:30 – 20:30  Venue: Ookayama  Workshop Room  (South 5, 4F・407A)

    ●July 28 (Sat) 13:00–15:00     Venue: Ookayama  Workshop Room  (South 5, 4F・407A)




    履修申告方法/Course registration

    6/25(月)までに、教務Webシステムより追加申告を行ってください。6/25(月)以降は,野原研究室・開( までメールにて連絡の上、追加申告許可願を出力し提出してください。

    Please make “Course Addition” through Web-System for Students and Faculty by 25th June.
    If registration will be after 25th June, please email to Megumi Hiraki( at Nohara Lab and download the course addition form from the Web System and print it out. Bring the printout to Nohara Lab.