2021 Spring English Courses

December 25, 2020

The objective of this short-term intensive course is to train graduate students in such a way as to increase their abilities in English oral expression, to the point where they can participate in tertiary education in the English-speaking world, or be active as members of international research communities in the near future.
The course is titled “Oral Expression in English GⅣ”, and is for graduate students. This is an English elective subject, and participants are eligible to receive 2 units of credit.

Course Title Oral Expression in English GⅣ
Course Code LAE.E436

February 22, 24, March 1, 2 and 3 14:20-16:00

Instructor Paul Narum
Classroom ZOOM (W3bldg., 8th floor, Language Lab 4 is also available if needed.)
Course Description

Getting Your Point Across- Giving Better STEM Presentations

This week-long intensive course is geared to those students wishing to improve their English oral expression skills, particularly discussion, debate and presentation, particularly with a concentration on STEM subjects. Various strategies for developing optimum presentations will be introduced, with several case studies being explored and compared. There will be two presentations given by the participants in the course, the first dealing with a timely STEM issue to be given collaboratively by two students. The second will be an individual presentation at the end of the course focusing on the student’s particular area of interest or study. Critical thinking strategies will be emphasized as students become more effective speakers, with timely feedback given.

Textbook All materials to be handed out in class.
Evaluation 30% Attendance and Class Participation, 30% Pair Presentation, 40% Individual Presentation
Syllabus and Periods

Day 1, February 22
1-2 Periods: Course introduction, self-introductions/ 3-4 Periods: Discussion and debate about timely STEM issues/ 5-6 Periods: Strategies for pair and individual presentations, selection of topics

Day 2, February 24
1-2 Periods: Preparation time for pair presentations (discussion and feedback)/ 3-4 Periods: Pair presentations (timely STEM issue)/ 5-6 Periods: Pair presentations (timely STEM issue), feedback

Day 3, March 1
1-2 Periods: STEM Presentations — case study #1/ 3-4 Periods: STEM Presentations — case study #2/ 5-6 Periods: STEM Presentations — case study #3

Day 4, March 2
1-2 Periods: STEM Presentations — case study #4/ 3-4 Periods: Preparation time for final presentation (discussion and feedback)

Day 5, March 3
1-2 Periods: Final Presentations (personal area of interest)- individual/ 3-4 Periods: Final Presentations (personal area of interest)- individual/ 5-6 Periods: Student evaluation and feedback, personal interviews, course wrap-up

Course Requirements and Application

Terms of Eligibility for Graduates

・20 students in each class. It’s on a first-come-first-served basis.
・Students must intend to attend on all days.
・“Oral Expression in English GⅡA” and “Oral Expression in English GⅣ” will be offered at the same time.
・Students who are planning to graduate in March 2021 will not be able to receive credits for this course in time for the graduation decision deadline.
・Students who register/add to the course via the Kyomu Web System but do not complete the Google Form application will not be able to take the course.


Application Procedure: Apply by Google Form available on the Foreign Language Section Website
     ※Google Form will appear on January 25th, 2021

Application Period: February 1st, 10:30am – February 5th, 5pm
※ January 25th, 10:30 – January 29th, 5pm for students in the Global Scientists and Engineers Course


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