Leadership Training and International Liberal Arts

Leadership Training and International Liberal Arts


Acquire the knowledge and skills required of a global leader

When working in the research and business fields with people from diverse backgrounds, in addition to foreign language skills, it is necessary to clearly communicate the team's goals and direction to its members. Leaders are also expected to conduct and manage projects based on a detailed plan while developing the motivation of the whole team. Students at the advanced level receive training on these skills by participating in programs that are jointly conducted with overseas universities. Furthermore, by deepening their understanding of subjects such as ethics, history, culture, and literature, students develop the necessary intellect required of global scientists and engineers.

Completion Requirements


  • Global Leadership and International Liberal Arts

    Course title Course equivalent to study abroad experience Course number Credit Offered quarter
    Global Leadership Training / Breadth courses   LAW.X421 0-0-1 4Q
    Technology and Product in Context   LAW.X423 0-1-0 4Q
    Global Leadership Practice   LAW.X425 0-1-0 2Q
    Our Sustainable Energy Future: Role of Business and Technology
    (Previously:Our Climate Future)
      LAW.X427 0.5-0.5-0 3Q
    Multicultural Collaboration and Leadership   LAW.X429 0-1-0 2Q