We live in an age where engineers and scientists work across borders.
Their skills are highly sought after around the world — not just in developed countries but also in emerging nations looking to build their infrastructure. Working at home entails just as much global perspective, due to the need for greater interaction between domestic and foreign companies and research institutes. Fostering future leaders has always been Tokyo Tech’s mission in education, but preparing students to lead in a global environment requires an additional, specifically tailored form of training. The Global Scientists and Engineers Course (GSEC) was established by the Institute exactly for this purpose — to provide excellence in training global talents.

Training students to become global scientists and engineers is not merely about improving their English proficiency. Students must be taught skills that allow them to work successfully in culturally diverse teams. They must be adept at cross-cultural communication, capable of promoting their ideas, and able to work with others toward a common goal. To achieve this, the Institute offers various programs and support to instill global awareness from year one, strengthen English proficiency with an academic focus, develop capacity to understand others, and acquire teamwork skills. Additionally, there is a range of study abroad and internship programs available to help students gain confidence and build overseas experience.