Entry Registration for Master’s students

    September 27, 2023

    GSEC consists of the following 3 levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
    Please check the Course Outline and the Entry Requirements before proceeding entry registration.


    Entry Registration

    Basic and Intermediate
    *Recommended starting from undergraduate

    Please send a request for entry registration to GSEC office by email (


    Please fill out the application form and submit with necessary documents to GSEC office.
    You will be notified of your results via email after the application and necessary documents have been accepted.

    For Tokyo Tech closure period only, an acceptance email from Academic supervisor will be accepted a substitute for “Academic supervisor’s signature” on the application form.


    Application Period

    From October 2, 2023 to October 31, 2023

    *In case you are not able to submit necessary document by the deadline, please email to GSEC office.

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