[Oral Expression in English GⅣ] Spring2022

    January 11, 2022

    The objective of this short-term intensive course is to train graduate students in such a way as to increase their abilities in English oral expression, to the point where they can participate in tertiary education in the English-speaking world, or be active as members of international research communities in the near future.
    The course is titled “Oral Expression in English GIII”, and is for graduate students. This is an English elective subject, and participants are eligible to receive 2 units of credit.

    Course Title 

    Oral Expression in English GⅣ

    Course Code LAE.E436

    February 28- March 4

    Instructor Jon Mitchell
    Classroom ZOOM (W332 is also available if needed.)
    Course Description

    Communicating current issues in science and technology

    During this short course, students will explore some current science and technology issues to enhance their skills in oral communication. Via debates, presentations, interviews and short reports, students will examine topics in which they are interested with the goal of enhancing their ability to function – and hopefully thrive – in an English-language academic environment. Themes will include scientific ethics, innovation and Sustainable Development Goals. This is not a lecture-style class; students will collaborate with each other to actively build their knowledge and critical thinking abilities.

    Textbook Handouts will be provided by the instructor
    Evaluation Debate summary: 35% / Presentation: 35% / Course reflection: 30%

    Course Requirements and Application (GⅣ)

    ■ Terms of Eligibility for Graduates
    ・Limited to 20 students. Places are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
    ・Students are required to attend all dates.
    ・“Oral Expression in English GⅡA” and “Oral Expression in English GⅣ” will be offered at the same time.
    Students who are planning to graduate in March 2022 will not be able to receive credits for this course     in time for the graduation decision deadline.
    Students who register/add to the course via the Kyomu Web System but do not complete the Google
       Form application will not be able to take the course.


    ■ Application Procedure: Apply by Google Form available on the Foreign Language Section Website
        (Google Form will be installed on the Foreign Language Section Website only during the application period.)


    ■ Application Period: January 31st, 10:30am – February 4th, 5pm
    *January 24th, 10:30am– January 28th, 5pm for students in the Global Scientists and Engineers Course


    ■ Applicants not requesting credit should send an email to the following email address.
    Students requesting credit are given priority, while other applicants will be given a place if available.
    The SELECTION results will be notified after all applications have been received.
    E-mail address: (Please change “_a_” to an at mark.)
    Subject: “Course Title” non-credit application.
    Please include your name and student ID number in the body of your email message

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