Global Leadership Cafe #1: Lecture and discussion by Mr. Joseph Matovu(July 16)

July 09, 2021

ToTAL is planning to invite leaders from Japan and elsewhere in a series titled “Global Leadership Cafe” to discuss their unique perspectives on leadership with Tokyo Tech students online and/or live on campus.


As the first event of the series, we are inviting Mr. Joseph Matovu, who studied in Japan aspiring to reform his home country, Uganda, and currently promoting change there as mayor of Nasana district, to have active dialogues with Tokyo Tech students.


Alums of Academy for Global Leadership, or AGL, who visited Uganda to meet Joseph as part of their overseas training program, will also share their experiences in Uganda and what they learned from him.


-Date and time:July 16, 2021 (Friday) 19:00-21:00(JST)

-Method:Online (Zoom)

-Eligibility:Tokyo Tech students, faculty, and staff, and members of the general public



-Deadline for applications:Thursday, July 15, 2021


-About Mr. Joseph Matovu:Mr. Joseph Matovu was born and raised in Nansana, Uganda. He lost his parents at the age of 11. He received a scholarship from the Japanese NPO Ashinaga Foundation and studied at Waseda University, School of International Liberal Studies. After graduation, he worked for the Ashinaga Foundation’s orphans support program for 6 years. He became the mayor of Nansana in May 2021 to improve the community in his home country.


ToTAL office email: total.jim[at] (Substitute @ for [at]

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