[Oral Expression in English GⅢ] Summer2021

July 01, 2021

The objective of this short-term intensive course is to train graduate students in such a way as to increase their abilities in English oral expression, to the point where they can participate in tertiary education in the English-speaking world, or be active as members of international research communities in the near future.
The course is titled “Oral Expression in English GIII”, and is for graduate students. This is an English elective subject, and participants are eligible to receive 2 units of credit.

Course Title 

Oral Expression in English GⅢ

Course Code LAE.E436

August 23 – 27

Instructor Mark Stoneburgh
Classroom ZOOM (Class Room: TBD)
Course Description

Improving Communication Skills Through Discussion and Presentations

This five-day intensive course is designed for students looking for a forum that will allow them to practice and enhance both their English speaking and presentation skills. It will be student-centered and active participation will be expected. Students will be presented with various topics designed to utilize and boost their critical thinking skills through discussion & debate. They will also be required to make daily presentations (individually and in groups).
Vocabulary building and active listening will be critical components of the course.

Textbook Handouts
Evaluation 30% Attendance and Class Participation, 30% Presentations, 20% Quizzes, 20% Daily Written Assignments

Course Requirements and Application (GⅢ)

■ Terms of Eligibility for Graduates
・Limited to 20 students. Places are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
・Students are required to attend all dates.
・“Oral Expression in English GⅠA” and “Oral Expression in English GⅢ” will be offered at the same time.
・Students who are planning to graduate in March 2021 will not be able to receive credits for this course in time
for the graduation decision deadline.
Students who register/add to the course via the Kyomu Web System but do not complete the Google
Form application will not be able to take the course.


■ Application Procedure: Apply by Google Form available on the Foreign Language Section Website
    (Google Form will be installed on the Foreign Language Section Website only during the application period.)


■ Application Period: August 2nd, 10:30am – August 6th, 5pm
*July 26th, 10:30am– July 30th, 5pm for students in the Global Scientists and Engineers Course


■ Applicants not requesting credit should send an email to the following email address.
Students requesting credit are given priority, while other applicants will be given a place if available.
The SELECTION results will be notified after all applications have been received.
E-mail address: (Please change “_a_” to an at mark.)
Subject: “Course Title” non-credit application.
Please include your name and student ID number in the body of your email message

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