SUTD EPD PhD Information Session



    Information Session (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
    2015/11/18 (Wed) @ 13:30

    We will
    host an info session of Singapore University of Technology and Design.
    if interested in attending, please register from the link in the text.

    日時 / Date:2015/11/18 @ 13:30~

    場所 / Venue:東京工業大学HUB-ICS (

    登録 / Registration:

    対象 / Who should attend


    Science/Technology majors interested in pursuing short-term
    exchange or a PhD degree abroad, and working abroad at one point in
    your career.

    講演要旨 / Abstract

    本講演では Singapore University of Technology and Design(SUTD /
    シンガポール工科・デザイン大学)の教員がSUTDの紹介を行います。 SUTDは2012年にマサチューセッツ工科大学 (MIT)の協力により、シンガポールに設立されたばかりの新しい大学です、講演者が所属する Engineering Product Development (EPD)は工学部に相当します。SUTDのプログラムの特徴、シンガポールでの研究生活と、大学院生向けの奨学金などのご案内を通じて、本学及びシンガポールをより身近に感じて頂ければと思います。シンガポールへの留学を検討している方はもちろん、欧米の大学院留学、理工系の海外就職に興味がある方にも役に立つセミナーです。どうぞ奮ってご参加ください。

    In this seminar, the speakers will introduce Singapore University
    of Technology (SUTD) and the Pillar of Engineering Product Development
    (EPD). SUTD is the newest university in Singapore just established in
    2012 in collaboration with MIT. EPD is a division of the school (which
    we call a pillar) that encompasses various disciplines of engineering.
    The speakers will discuss the opportunities at SUTD, our PhD program
    and scholarship, and life in Singapore. If you are ever interested in
    visiting Singapore, going abroad for PhDs, and/or working somewhere
    away from your home countries, you should enjoy the seminar so come
    join us.

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