Recruitment of TAs for AY 2013 Second Semester


    Tokyo Institute of Technology has started “The Global Scientists and Engineers Course”, funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Under this new Course, we will recruit TAs for AY Second Semester as follows.


    1. Number of TAs to be Recruited: Approx. 13 students

    2. Work Description: TA will assist instructors for either of the following Courses.

    1)Introductory Course for Global Engineers and Scientists
    2)Advanced Course for Global Engineers and Scientists: Focus on Asia
    3)Advanced Course for Global Engineers and Scientists:Focus on Europe and North America

    3.Application and Deadline

    Please fill-in the application form attached, and submit to the Support Office for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development by Monday, 5th August through E-mail, by bringing directly to the Office, or by posting at Mail-Box.

    4.Recruitment Schedule

    August 9(Fri.) Announcement of Result
    One day in the week of 24th September Orientation